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Sakura Cafe Hatagaya

1-32-3 Hatagaya Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo, 151-0072, Japan

TEL: 03-3469-5211
FAX: 03-3468-4307
MAIL: info@sakura-hotel-hatagaya.com

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Welcome All Muslims!

At SAKURA HOTEL HATAGAYA muslims can without having to worry eat and use the services in complete relaxation.

Of course, we also have our services open to anyone who wishes to experience new culture.

[Recommended muslim menu & Services]



Food is of course very important for muslims. There are many limitations one have to be careful with, but here you can eat without having to worry about choosing the wrong food.

*In the event that the menu has changed, please ask our staff for details.

Shisha (waterpipe)


Shisha, also known as aroma smoke, is a form of waterpipe tobacco very popular in the Middle East and North Africa.

Available flavors of this tobacco includes Cinnamon, Red Cherry and Green Mango, etc. Enjoy it together with tea in perfect relaxation!

Drink set: 830 yen

>> For more info about Shisha.

Prayer Room

Prayer Room

In order for our customers to pray in peace, we are offering a prayer room in a section in the cafe to whomever wants to use it.

*Open 24/7 and free of charge.

>> For more info about the Prayer Room.

Mecca Mark

Mecca Mark

Here you can check the direction of Mecca whenever you need to pray. Even if you don't have a compass you will always, be able to use this mark to make sure of the correct direction.

*On request, we can also lend you a compass.

>> For more info.

Supporting Muslim Staff

ムスリム スタッフ

At SAKURA HOTEL HATAGAYA, our egyptian-born staff member are ready to serve you. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to ask him at any time. He will happily help you out in whatever way possible.

*Due to induction courses, etc., he may not always be available.

Nearby Recommended Locations


Our staff will guide you to the stores in the neighborhood surrounding SAKURA HOTEL HATAGAYA that are selling halal food.
Please, ask our staff for more information.

>> For more info about the services for muslims.