Kon`s one day trip

Hi, this is Kon from Asakusa. How are you doing?I went to one day trip for Gunma prefecture on last my day off, so I would like to write here about it at this time.


I went to a famous and characteristic station in Gunma. Why is this station so famous? This station is so unique. At first, the platforms for up and down lines are separated.


1 for down line, 2 for up line

Second, the platform for just down line is located in the tunnel.


Up line platform
Down line platform

Third, There are 486 steps from platform to exit. It takes about 10min to exit.


Way for exit
Notice about steps

This station name is Doai station.


Station entrance

It is located in Gunma prefecture and not so far from Tokyo. There is a cafe in the station, so you can have some drink after climb up the steps.



This station is on the Joetsu line. If you have interest in, you ought to visit.



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