Obasute station

Hi, this is Kon from Asakusa. How are you doing?


This time, I will introduce about Obasute station.


This station is located on Shinonoi-line which is connecting Shiojiri to Nagano. It ’s a small unmanned station on a hill. But it is really famous station for the railfan. Why so famous? Because this station is famous for amazing view from there.

姨捨駅は塩尻と長野を結ぶ篠ノ井線上にあります。 丘の上にある小さな無人駅です。 しかし、それは鉄道ファンにとって本当に有名な駅です。 なぜそんなに有名かといいますと、それはこの眺望です。

If you have a chance, please visit this station overlooking Zenkojidaira.



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