Hello April!

Hey guys, it’s Summer here! I just moved to Asakusa branch today from Jimbocho branch!


Jimbocho is way different than Asakusa I guess. Jimbocho is full with old book stores and is surrounded by office so it has the cozy and chill atmosphere to it. In the other hand, Asakusa is one of Tokyo famous spots where you can see lots of visitors walking around in kimono/hakama everyday.

神保町と浅草はかなり違うと思います。 神保町は古書屋が立ち並び、オフィスに囲まれているので、居心地が良く落ち着いた雰囲気です。 一方、浅草は東京の有名なスポットで、毎日着物・袴で歩いている人がたくさんいます。

There are also some really famous dishes you should try when visiting Asakusa, for example, monjayaki (savoury pancake with various fillings, thinner and pastier than okonomiyaki), tenbura,…I went to try the famous tenburadon today and it was delicious!

浅草を訪れる際にぜひ食べてみるべき有名な料理が沢山あります。 今日有名な天丼食べにいきました!美味しかったです!


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