Robot Restaurant

How’s it going on!?I’m Yuri from sakura hostel asakusa★Today I’m gonna introduce famous place for foreigners! Yes you know! Robot Restaurant!OH…. d..dazzling..!!!!
皆さんお元気ですか??!!サクラホステル浅草からスタッフYURIがお届けします!!!今日は外国人に大人気の場所ロボットレストランについてです★外観からしてずっと前から気になっていたんです♥ まっ….まぶしい

Look at inside !sooooooo shinieeeee i never seen kind of deluxe room!!

The guests can buy some food and alcohol !軽食やお酒などこちらで購入できました!
Show includes Japanese mix culture which foreigners have typical image of japan.It was so amazing,except me were all foreigners!

If you have chance should go there you can feel like i’m visiting abroad!
i wanna continue to find interesting place in JP! See you!


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