New Pokemon game & Movie time!

Good evening everyone!! 皆さん、こんばんは!!

Last time was my dayoff !! Yeahhhhhh!

Since, when I got dayoff almost my free time I like to stayed at home but last time I went to watch my favorite anime movie 「The Prince of tennis」at Cinema!!



I very very very love this Anime for 17 years already!!

My Number one forever TwT!! They have a new movie episode from November 15


とても とても とても 大好きです!

ナンバーワン (笑)今回、11月15日から新しいの映画が出来ましたので映画館に行きました!

After I finished watched Movie when I arrived home I got New Pokemon Game Sword&Shield Double pack WOW!!!! > w< !! Pokemon also be mine Top 5 for my favorite anime too!!

映画に見たの後に、家に帰って新しい ポケモンゲームが届きました!!


もちろん、ポケモンも私のトップ5の大好きなアニメですよ (笑)

New Pokemon Game it was very nice!! you should try if you are a fan for Pokemon too!!

From Sakura Hostel Asakusa to Pokemon Center the close one is Tokyo Skytree please visit there in someday ne!!




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