Hi there! Bonjour, cava? well, I wanna be able to speak French theseB days. Because I wanna talk with Herve who is staying with us for like 2 months more!


He is our repeat guest, stayed with us many times before! I am always impressed with his vitality. I can not speak English and Japanese but always be friendly and sociable. He makes us smile and happy anytime.

During the Rugby World Cup he have been to every where in Japan to watch most of games. I can’t believe, he is so powerful!!!


I wanna thank him for making us smile, bringing us happiness! He is leaving in 1 month but I am sure I will come visit Herve in France for sure! It is the best part of working in hostel to meet people and know each other and make deep connection. I love it!


Merci Herve!!!

ありがとう ムッシュ!


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