Hello everyone!Don’t you know someone who are looking for apartment in
Japan.Our Sakura Hotel&Sakura House have many available rooms for the guest from all over the world Of course for Muslim pepeople too!
Japanese real estate agency SAKURA HOUSE offers affordable MUSLIM-FRIENDLY APARTMENTS, SHARE HOUSES & GUEST HOUSES in TOKYO, JAPAN. For students, interns, businesspeople, vacationers, etc.
If you have any interest or questions please don’t hesitate to ask Sakura House Staffs anytime!We are always welcome for you guys★Please please check it bellow↓

HAPPY Dinner time with Indonesia people at Sakura Hostel Assakusa!
They really lone chatting and eating sooo much!hahaha I wanna be smiling like them! i’m gonna follow you guys to have happy life🌻

See you♥


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