Fuji-Yoshida my favorite place

Hi there! It’s Masako. Today I am gonna talk about my day trip for Fuji-Yoshida area 🙂


I LOOOOVE MT FUJI. Mt Fuji give me lots of power whenever I see it. I like to see Mr Fuji especially in winter. Mt Fuji looks much more beautiful with snow. There is one of the best place to see Mt Fuji, it’s Fuji-Yoshida area in Yamanashi prefecture.


It takes like 2hours to get there from Tokyo, taking bus is good option. It would cost 2000yen for one way trip.



This is one of my most favorite place, Arakurayama-sengen Park. I highly recommend to visit there. You will see wonderful view.


You can’t miss HOUTOU-thick noodle with lots of vegetable and miso soup. It’s Soooo good. You should definitely try.


From Kawaguchi-lake you are able to see another great view. You could also do biking around lake too, it is gonna be so fun! If you ever get chance please visit this area.



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