World Cooking Event

How’s it everything~~~~??Today also Sakura Hostel Asakusa is doing well with awesome guests from all over the world!🌎🌎
Few days ago we held World Cooking Event! About 15 people joined it, thank you so much for enjoying with us😊🌸

皆さん自国の美味しい物をそれぞれ入れて、それをお互いに紹介し合って本当に楽しそうでした★They put favorite one in their country and introduce each other ,I think it is nice to know many countries food culture!

初めておにぎりを握る外国人ゲストも多数😲難しいーなんていいながらとっても楽しんでました♥Some guests are first time in life to make ONIGIRI.It looks difficult to do but they enjoyed very much!

めっちゃいっぱーーい!そんでとってもおっきい!いいですね😊色んな味のおにぎりがあるってわくわくしますよね🎵Woow so many and veryyyyy BIGGGG!!hahhaha^^^^ Is’s so excited to choose one from many tastes of onigiri!

Share kitchen was a blast!The things are very worth-full to meet from different countries and talk each other.Some times we can get somethings which can’t know at school ! Anyway we are always welcome for you guys and waiting💛💛 SEE YOU SOON at Sakura Hostel Asakusa!


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