Hello~~~Again!I’m yuri from sakura hostel asakusa!!Have you been smiled a lots this year??I hope you guys be happier next year!

Bay the wayyy!!!Few days ago super friendly and warming guests from Chile were checked out😢As you can see title our distance between japan and Chile is 17,332km!!!OMG it’s very difficult to imagine this,but i can say directly it is sooooooo far!!So I think it’s destiny to meet each other,I’m so glad to stay at sakura hostel askusa.
Here we can see many people who have amazing experience and respectable values.Getting to now something which i never known before my life is getting colorful…..💛

They gave us lovely message・・・💓💓and wine !Gracios!

We don’t know where we can see each other but ‘m gonna keep on holding memories with them. Always being smile and do my best next year too!
Again Thank you so much and have a nice end of year!!😊😊🌸


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