Thai Super Star Fan meeting in Tokyo >__<

Hello everyone! I’m Bambie >w< Long time no see !

皆さん!こんにちはバンビです~ お久しぶりーーーー

Last time before the end of new year I went to Thai Super star fan meeting in Tokyo both of them is ‘Krist and Singto’



I very very very love them!! and love they TV series / Music and / Drama


All Picture I took by My beloved camera and my phone hehehe!

全ての写真は私の大事なカメラと携帯電話から撮りましたよ! (笑)

And then…. This time I’m so lucky !!!! I was took photo with thme OMG!! cryyyyyyyyy!! So happyyyyyyyyy

そして、今回は彼たちと写真を撮りましたよ!! 良かったです!泣

Today is the last day for 2019 So…. Happy New Year everyone!!!



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