Notre Dame Cathedral

Hi, this is Kon. I was a tour leader before. When I was a tour leader, I visited to France so many times.

What is the symbol of Paris?

This is it, Notre Dame Cathedral. It is located in centre of Paris.

Notre Dame Cathedral is Gothic architecture. With the advent of Gothic architecture, pillars can now support building was previously supported by walls. And it can now put large and beautiful stained glass on the wall.

Gothic architecture originated in France.

パリのシンボル、ノートルダム大聖堂です。 パリの中心部に位置しています。

ノートルダム大聖堂はゴシック建築です。 ゴシック建築の出現により、以前は壁で支えられていた建物が柱で支えられるようになりました。 そして、大きくて美しいステンドグラスを壁に入れることができるようになりました。


The starting point of the French road is here, on the square in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral.


Basement of the Notre Dame, there are Roman ruins .


There are several Roman archeological sites in Paris.


And finally, Notre Dame temple damaged by the fire,I hope it is rebuilt as soon as possible.




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