M&M’s World

Hello everyone !

This is Tada from Sakura Hostel Asakusa.

I’ve been to the New York City for enjoy the sports event.

I had to visit M&M’s World while visiting NYC.

An easy subway ride and walkable from the station.

Visited this chocolate heaven and spent a happy hour looking round.

This place is massive.

So much m&m’s mercy everywhere that’s basically all it is.

The m&m’s walls are pretty awesome to see as well.

I couldn’t believe the amount of chocolate I saw, wanted to jump into all those m&m’s.

You certainly can find all kind of m&m’s chocolate and try them all.

This place is amazing, m&m’s everywhere I know it is a shop but also a tourist attraction.

The smell of chocolate is overwhelming in the best way possible.

It was very fun to see what the store had to offer.

The gourmet m&m’s were more expensive, but taste good.

This is one of the biggest chocolate shops I have ever seen.

It is so much fun and there is lots of exclusive flavors not available in other shops.

Be sure to stop by when you are in NYC.

Fun store to shop in.


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