Hello every one!

Do you know what is 【Shiwasu】?

Its another name for December in Japanese.

Not so sure why ( has few stories) but its been used since the old calendar.

Not only December but every month has another name as well.

January / Mutsuki  睦月

February / Kisaragi  如月

March / Yayoi 弥生

April / Uzuki 卯月

May / Satsuki 皐月

June / Minazuki 水無月

July / Fuzuki 文月

August / Hazuki 葉月

September / Nagazuki 長月

October / Kannazuki 神無月

November / Shimotsuki 下月

December / Shiwasu 師走

Some times we name a child after the birth month mostly on female.

Popular one’s are Yayoi, Satsuki,Hazuki.

If you meet someone with the name above, ask them the month of birth.


Happy Hanuka and Merry Christmas to all.

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