Daytrip to Hamarikyu Park

Hi everyone!

Sebastian is back from Ikebukuro! How is everyone?


Some of you may have already read it in Ikebukuro’s blog, but I want to tell you about a little trip we did with some hotel guests.
Autumn is in many countries a very beautiful and vivid colourful time. Especially in Japan where lots of the trees turn a bright yellow or red.

Now a little about the park itself. It is located near the Tokyo waterfront of Shimbashi station. There are some high office buildings around, one of them the
Nippon Television tower with the giant Ghibli clock in front of it. You might know that one.s20171126_133400


After you pass through the main entrance your first thought is that the park isn’t really that big or that pretty. More like a mediocre one.
But the impression is misleading. The park was purposely constructed that way and is divided into two major areas. One rather ordinary, wide part and another Japanese style area with a far spreading saltwater lake, duck hunting ponds (they don’t use them anymore, don’t worry).


You have wooden bridges leading zigzag over the lake to give you abetter view of several directions, not just one.

There is a little Japanese tea house and several old residence buildings, some of which can still be entered today on certain weekdays.

Oh and of course lots of colourful trees with even more people admiring them and taking photos like myself 😉




I bet the park is even more beautiful when the first snow comes!


Alright, see you guys next time!


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