Breathless view & wonderful people

Hello everyone.
This is you favorite blogger once again, writing the blog for the 5th time this month.

Without any plans, i packed my bag for an unorganized trip to Jougasaki Kaigan and to see fireflies in Izu penisula.
The beautiful thing about unplanned trips is the feeling when you get to travel without worrying about the hotels that you will stay in, and the hassle to think about the transportation to your destination.

Of course, It might be fun but i have encountered a few problems going to a trip without any plans.
For example, i did not realize that it is quite inaccessible to travel here.
The bus companies will stop working  after 5 PM and Taxis are hard to find after dark.
Fortunately the locals were very welcoming! Some of them were even willing to let me hitch-hike their taxis.

Jougasaki Kaigan

The Jogasaki Coast  is a beautiful section of coastline along the Izu Peninsula’s eastern coast.
An attractive hiking trail follows the coast for almost ten kilometers, offering beautiful views of the jagged cliffs and stone formations that hug the coast.


Take a look at this breathless view!


If you have time to visit Izu, stop by at Shaboten Zoo as well.
They have capybaras which are really friendly.


They couldn’t help but crowd around me.

Unfortunately, it was raining heavily during my trip and i was not able to see the firelies.
I heard they have the most beautiful sight in the area just like how you can see in Ghibli movies!
Well, it is going to be my excuse to come here once again to see the fireflies!







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