Have you ever eaten Tsukemen?

This is Kazuki fromSakuraHotel/Cafe Hatagaya.

It was not cold for December today,How have you doing?
Today, I’ll show you what i like to eat in this season.

Do you know what Tsukemen is like?
It’s dipping noodles/cold noodles
accompanied by soup for dipping.
Anyway,it’s kind of noodle.If you like Ramen,I bet you’ll
like tsukemen as well. The noodles and the soup
come out separately.How to eat?
Grab a small bunch of noodles with chopsticks
and dip it in the soup.Compared to ramen,
the soup of tsukemen tends to be thicker and stronger
but you can savor the taste of noodles and soup.
The soup made from pork/chicken and fish are
popular though,you can find other tastes like
miso,shrimp,clam,curry etc…If you are interested in
tsukemen,I recommend “Fu-unji” ,one of the
most popular tsukemen shops in Shinjuku.
Be prepared to wait in a line at least for 30mins
to eat when it’s crowded!


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