Summer vacation to Thailand

Hello all! This is Risa from Sakura Hotel / Cafe Hatagaya!

I had a summer vacation to visit Thailand last month !!!

It’s been 5 years passed since I visited Thailand on last time~~~~

I visited my friend’s house who is living near Pataya City.

My friend took me to a lot of tourist places around Pataya!


At night time in Pataya City

walking street is the most famous spot in Pataya.

Many tourists enjoyed eating, shopping and music!!



Amphawa Floating Market
There are variety kinds of foods souvenirs , and entertainments!
You can enjoy whole day .



The river is not clean though..



Wat Khao Chi Chan
Located 30 minutes drive Pataya city.
It’s very special Buddha stature. You cannot find any other place like this temple.



Kop khun kha~~     ขอบคุณค่ะ  by Ronald McDonald



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