My beloved vintage watch collection

Hello this is your favorite blogger, Hoka, once again writing the blog!
Working in Sakura Hotel, it is always a privilege to get to talk to guests from all over the world.
Usually, we always talk about countries, food, and places to go in Japan.
However, no matter of the country, guests have always asked me 1 same question.

Many guests who approached, asked where do i get all my watches!
We always became good friends talking about them.
So…today i will introduce you one of my favorite hobbies i am obsessed with.

Collecting vintage timepieces is an extremely addictive and yet expensive hobby!

Firstly, the reason is you will get to wear something that only a few people have in the world.
Secondly, every timepiece holds a history behind it!
For example, i got a watch made in 1930’s and it was given to somebody’s graduation ceremony in 1993’s!
Besides that, some of the watches has gone through world war I and world war II! Or maybe it used to be someone’s precious possession.

Omega Seamaster Quartz 1970’s


This is one of my very first few watches that got me addicted to vintage watches and the history on horology.
1970 was called as a quartz crisis for all the watch makers throughout the world.
Mechanical watch makers started closing down and going bankrupt due to the introduction of cheap and accurate quartz watch!
This year was where all the Swiss watches had started to make quartz watches to compete with Japanese & American companies.

Squale 1545


Squale is not very known to people in general.
However for watch enthusiast and divers, Squale is one of the most famous brands for diving purpose!
They have been making watch case for many famous watch companies in the past and the brand has been trusted by deep divers from all around the world!

Hamilton Brock 1930’s


This was the watch i mentioned earlier! When i bought it i realized that there was en engraving on the back of the watch that can be vaguely seen.
It was written as [Happy graduation May 93] !
If only i know who is the real owner, i want to wish him a happy graduation as well!

Zenith 1940’s 


Zenith is one of the most prestigious brand of all time matching companies like Rolex.
This watch was made slightly bigger as this was made for the army and was brought for World war II!

Cartier 1980’s


This is my latest collection! Starting from a kid, i was always fascinated with Cartier’s watch!

Currently, I am looking for a Rolex Bubbleback!
This watch the first automatic watch that made Rolex famous right now!
I wonder when will i be able to get this watch.
Probably i will have to save up and eat instant noodles for all my 3 meals.


So.. a rolex or instant noodles for all 3 meals?



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