Soba -Buckwheat noodles-

Hi, this is Takeshi from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

Do you like Japanese foods?
Today, I’ll write about a Japanese cuisine- Soba.

We call buckwheat as “Soba” in Japanese.
And it usually indicates a name of Japanese food, which are nooldes made from buckwheat flour.
To say more, there are 3 streams in Soba cuisine world, “Yabu(藪)”, “Sunaba(砂場)” and “Sarashina(更科)”.

In this post, I’ll introduce a famous Soba restaurant in Tokyo.
The name is…Kanda Yabusoba.

Kanda Yabusoba locates near Akihabara.
7~8 minutes walk from JR Akihabara Station.DSC_2375_e

This restaurant is the original house of “Yabu” stream and has a long history.
But unfortunatelly, the building caught on fire in 2013, and it stopped doing business for one and a half years.

Now, you can enjoy Soba in the rebuilt house.DSC_2378_e DSC_2381_e

Almost all of Soba restaurants serve both hot and cold noodles.
I always choose cold ones even in winter, because I want to taste buckwheat flavor directly.DSC_2382_e

It would be interesting if you try several Soba noodles between different streams.
Have a nice day and see you again!


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