My lovely guests from all over the world!



Hello! This is Hoka, your favorite blogger!

Today i want to share with you some of the friendliest guests that I have met this year!

1121 International Wedding

Firstly, we have a guest from Malaysia!
Although he only stayed with us for a day, he told me that he will be getting married with a Japanese in the following week!
Talking about international marriage! Thank you for inviting me to your ceremony and i have both of you have a blessed marriage!

3131 (2)

Secondly, we have two gentlemen from my most favorite country Italy.
They came here with their agent booking the wrong rooms for them.
In the end they had to change room almost everyday. Despite that they are alright with it and remain cheerful everyday!


Thirdly, my favorite ladies from China!
They were very delighted to know that i was able to speak Mandarin!
We became good friends and we are still contacting each other till now!


Our long stay lovely couple from Canada!
They stayed in our hotel for almost 3 weeks! I really missed both of them when they checked-out from our hotel.
I miss talking to them especially during breakfast time!

wayne from hawaii

Last but not least, Wayne from the Hawaii!
He insist that i should visit Hawaii to visit him and his family!
I have never been to Hawaii, so it will definitely be one of my must go spot within next year!
Wait for me Wayne!

There are many many other guests who are not mentioned here yet.
Nevertheless, I would like to say thank you to all of you for choosing to stay with us and taking the time to talk to me!
I will be looking forward to hear all of your stories from all over the world.



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