Mount Fuji has a little sister


Hello everyone!
How have you been doing?
Summer has passed and Japan has been welcoming Autumn season!
Autumn season is my favorite season of all time.
Autumn is the time to sip hot tea, tasting different types of cakes & enjoying the scene of leaves turning colors.

If you are looking too see the Autumn leaves in Tokyo, it is the best time to be here right now!


Just 50 minutes by direct train from our hotel, Mount Takao is always a favorite towards every Tokyo-ites.
You can even say Mount Takao is as equally beautiful as its elder sister, the Mount Fuji.


Getting up to Mount Takao is not a definitely task!
No preparation nor any gears is needed at all. Just prepare your Suica card and get on the train.


The first thing when you reach there, you will be greeted with a choice.
Climb up the mountain via sky lift!
If you are afraid of heights, there is also a choice for you to go up via the gondola.


Once you get to the peak of Takao, the view is beyond words!
If you are lucky, you can get to see the full view of Mount Fuji as well!
(Mount Fuji can be seen at the top right of the picture)


Don’t forget to visit the Tengu Shrine as well to have your wishes come true!
So let me know where i should go next!




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