Travel report to Hong Kong .. PART 1

Hello everyone

Here’s Mohamed the staff at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

Today i wanna write about my travel to Hong Kong.

It’s my first time to go there so i was imagining it’s looks like China, but actually it’s so different than China in many things.

Today in my blog i’d like to show you some of the photos for Hong Kong food.

In Hong Kong you can eat duck meat at anywhere & at any time you like.

In Egypt i used to eat duck too, but it’s not a traditional food here in Japan so i was missing that taste.



They cooking it in many cooking ways & with many recipes.

Also in Hong Kong down town in the temple market & lady market streets, you can find many traditional fast food shops.



Near to Hong Kong station down town they have in every week end a festival called ( Street Food Festival )

There you can enjoy many types of snacks, food, soft drinks & many many types of beer.

Also you can enjoy talking & make friends with many people from whole over the world.



To be continued ^_^

I’ll write again in my next blog’s for the other part of this journey.

See ya


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