Have you ever been made a Japanese rice cracker ?


This is Ayako from Sakura hotel HATAGAYA.

Today I’m going to write about “a Japanese Rice Cracker Event”.


These days , We held “Japanese Rice Cracker (Senbei) Event” at our hotel cafe .

“Senbei” are a type of Japanese rice cracker.

They come in various shapes, sizes, and flavors, usually savory but sometimes sweet.

“Senbei” are often eaten with green tea as a casual snack and offered to visiting house guests as a courtesy refreshment.



Many guests came participating to our hotel event.

If you also participate our event you can wear “Kimono” , can make eating “Japanese Rice Cracker (Senbei)” your self and can eat it.


Our guests made  “Japanese Rice Cracker (Senbei)” yourself .

Its many kinds of crackers.


We are going to hold such event again !!!!

The holding has been scheduled for March 6th in Our hotel cafe.





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