Soup dumpling restaurant in Shibuya

Hi, this is Takeshi from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

It’s really cold outside and we had snow slightly these days.
But it is rare to have heavy snow in Tokyo.
I really miss winter snow world…
Today, I’ll write about a soup dumpling restaurant in Shibuya.

Nan Xiang Steamed Bun Restaurant

It’s in Seibu Department Store.
This is a famous restaurant in Shanghai, the main shop is in Yuyuan.s-DSC_0170

Yuyuan is a famous Chinese garden and most of tourists visit there.
Seeing Yuyuan and eat soup dumpling in this restaurant is a kind of same old plan.
But you can also taste that in Shibuya.


If it’s your first time to eat them, please check “How to eat a soup dumpling”.
Otherwise, you may miss the delicious soup.

s-DSC_0181 s-DSC_0182

See you!
Have a nice day!


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