One of My favorite place in Tokyo

Hi, this is Takeshi from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

How are you, guys?
It often rains these days in Tokyo.
Something strange…Rainy season usually starts in June here.

By the way, I’ve introduced Toranomon Hills in the last post.
Today, I’ll write about my favorite place in there.

The Tavern Lounge

If you get tired to walking around T-Hills,
I recommend you to go up to the 51st floor of the highest building in Tokyo.001

That is…Andaz Tokyo.
A 5-star hotel of Hyatt Hotels Corporation.002

But I won’t say that you should stay for a night there.
Just take a coffee at the lounge.
You’ll be able to get amazing night sight.003

Just relax in luxury at a high place and prepare for next stage.
That is a good place for me to clear my own mindset.004

See you!
Have a nice day!


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