Soba the 4th -Buckwheat noodles-

Hi, this is Takeshi from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya.

I love to looking for nice restaurants.
Today, I’ll write about a Japanese famous food again…Soba -Buckwheat noodles.

I’ve written some posts about Buckweat noodles in this blog .

Soba -Buckwheat noodles-
Soba again -Buckwheat noodles-
Soba the 3rd -Buckwheat noodles-

And in this post, I’d like to introduce famous Sarashina(更科)Soba restaurants.


This restaurant opened in 1789, it means 230th anniversary in this year!
Sarashina Soba is made from center part of buckwheat and the color of noodle is white.
You may not feel strong smell of buckwheat, it has very decent taste.a002



This restaurant also has a long history, was founded about 220 years ago.
It comes as a fresh reminder that Soba has been loved by Japanese for such a long time.
And it has many branches, you can enjoy this fine noodle also in Sapporo.b005

The both are in Azabu Juban.
How about walking around there on a sunny day and eat Soba for lunch?

See you!
Have a nice day!


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