Mount Tsukuba

Hi, have you conquered Mount Fuji yet?
Do you want to climb up Mount fuji, but do not have the experience to do it yet?

Why not start from beginner level mount climbing at Mount Tsukuba?
From Akihabara, it is 45 minutes away using Tsukuba Express.

It is a good timing to go for a mountain hike now.
In a couple of weeks time, the flowers will start to bloom.

You will be able to see the Sakura while hiking.


Tsukuba is very famous for its Gama-Abura which also means Frog Oil.
Frog Oil is said that it is able to cure almost every diseases such as body aches, pimples, and even rashes.
However, when i checked the internet, some people said that they even use it to get high.



It takes around 2 hours from Tsukuba Station to the peak.
But once you get to the peak, the scenery is beyond words.
You can even see Tokyo Sky tree and Tokyo tower.



See ya


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