Our sweets menu


This is Sakura Hotel Hatagaya !


On today’s blog, let me show you our best sweets menu.

Blue/Red Egg Pudding


●What’s the ingredients?

These are made of only Acacia Honey, Jersey Milk (the best milk in Japan) and Premium Eggs from Tohoku Farm!

We don’t use any sugar ,so our pudding is healthy.


●What’s the difference between Blue Egg and Red egg?

The yolk of Blue Egg is more bigger than the red one, so you can feel more rich taste!

Also you can enjoy tasting natural sweetness of Red Egg Pudding.


Do you want to try them?

Visit to Sakura Cafe! We are opening 24 hours everyday!

Check our cafe website ⇒⇒⇒Sakura Cafe Hatagaya



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