My Favorite collection

Hello, this is ko.
I want to introduce you my hobby.
Because of this hobby, i have made many new friends at this hotel.

This is my first watch that got me into this collection.
Although i have many other better watch, this watch will never be replaceable.


Within a few years, my collection has been growing!
This is my current collection right now

There are a few guests at the hotel that has really nice watch as well.
At one time, i saw a guest who became good friend, he was wearing a Le Jour watch that is made in France.

It is not one of the most common, but it such stunning watch.
The 2nd time he stayed over at Sakura Hotel, we went for a watch hunt together, and he bought a 2nd watch!

Rolex turn-o-graph Date

With my latest collection, i’m thinking to add vintage watches collection.
This is a vintage rolex gmt which i am intending to repair!


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