Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

Hello, i would like to introduce you to our hotel at Hatagaya.
Hatagaya is the perfect spot to stay around Tokyo.

If you ask why is that?
Well, the reason is simple. It is 2 stops away from Shinjuku!
From Hatagaya, it is only 5 minutes by Train.

If you are planning to go to Shibuya, there is also a direct bus ride from here!

Although it is very nearby to the city, Hatagaya is a quieter residential area compared to both the ever-busy Shinjuku & Shibuya.
If you are looking for a good night sleep, this is the best spot!

My favorite spot at the hotel is definitely the terrace!
The weather is getting cooler right now, and its the best place to have beers and food!

Our staffs are also multilingual.
We are able to speak English, Mandarin, Korean, Indonesian!
If you have any questions regarding Japan, We are always happy to help you!


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