our group campany

Hi !!!! Everyone !!!!

This is Ayako from Sakura hotel Hatagaya.

I would like to write about our group campany.

① Sakura tel (さくら亭)

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This is in the center of Harajuku.

You can eat “Okonomiyaki” and “Monjyaki” !!!!

Group companies are holding design art exhibition on the same premises.

You will be healed by the painting and healed by the foods~ ♥^^♥

② Fuchu Continental Hotel(府中コンチネンタルホテル)

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This hotel is 20 minutes away from Shinjuku.

In the case center of Tokyo, the site is narrow and the price is high and the room is narrow.

However, this hotel is a bit suburban.

You can stay in a large room at the same rate as in Tokyo.

There is also a big banquet hall and restaurants operated by Tohoku farm owned by group company.

③ Three Hundred Bar

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It is a chain bar with 3 shops in Ginza.

The establishment of this shop was in 1992.

I visited in the first time, but I was amazed its atmosphere !!!!

This store has many kinds of mojito.

And as the name suggests all menu is 300 yen.

Please try visiting our group company ~ ★☆


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