What is your favorite Beer??

Hello from Sakura Hotel / Cafe Hatagaya. This is Mai. How’s going??

Do you like drinking beer?? In our cafe, there are various kind of beer from all over the world!!!

My recommendation is “COEDO” beer!!!↓

COEDO Ruri, COEDO Marihana

These beers are made from my home town which is “Kawagoe”, that’s why I recommended 🙂 haha

By the way, in Kawagoe, there are lots of old buildings and traditional shopping street, so you will enjoy the atmosphere for sure.

Traditional Candy Alley
STARBUCKS (Japanese traditional building version)

I am sorry this is completely off topic… but Kawagoe is very nice place ★haha

So at first, you are going to try “COEDO” beer, and if you like it, you should go to Kawagoe! Actually COEDO beer has 6 kind of flavor 🙂

Thank you for reading♪


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