Making Pasta with Prawn oil!

Hello everyone!
This is your favorite blogger.

As you all might know i have been learning to cook lately.
People has been asking where have i been learning, and the answer i have a colleague who is a great teacher!

Today, he is teaching me how to make Prawn oil to make into pasta.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Buy plenty of prawns! The bigger the better
Step 2: Peel the prawns, and DO NOT throw away the shells. We will use fry the shells with pure olive oil.
Step 3: Heat up Pure olive oil(you can use virgin olive oil too,but it will have a stronger flavor), and fry the shells for 15 minutes!
Step 4: No need of salt or any other flavoring, the smell and taste of the oil is SUPERB.

Step 5: Since we have the peeled prawns, fry them too in the infused oil.
Step 6: It is optional but you can add steam clams with white wine.
Step 7: After all is done, mix them all together with the pasta!


Here is the end results!

And this is a portion for one.

Let me know what i should cook next!


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