British Military Goods

Hello everyone!
How have you been? It is getting really hot lately!
Today i would like to introduce you my collection!

I have been collecting watches, clothes and jackets from the military era.
This is something that i found recently!

This is a 1950’s military jacket from the British Army!
The one thing i love about these vintage items are the history and story about it.
Wearing one of these makes me wonder how was life during that period of time.
Also, every of this product has a different wear and tear towards them.
Each one of these wear and tear shows the life of each person.

By the way, for every British Military product, all the items are stamped with a ‘Broad Arrow’ sign.
This sign signifies that it belongs to the British Army.

Here is mine!

Can you see the Broad arrow?

This Omega watch is also stamped with a broad arrow sign!
By the way, with this arrow sign, the price of these items also increased by a lot!
Although all these products might be over 50 years or more, they are very durable and last forever as they have to pass the Military minimum requirement.

If you are visiting an antique shop, try to see if you can spot one!

Do you have any collections that you really like?


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