What are the things to do during summer in Japan ??

This is the trainee from Sakura Hotel Hatagaya. when I was student, I always watched the firework show in my local town every summer and joined Matsuri as well. Those who participate in Matsuri usually come with wearing Yukata both men and women. This is the part of Japanese culture !! This is the picture of firework in Yokohama!

What else can we enjoy during summer in Japan ?? The summer here is well known to very hot and humid. It is going to be a lot of sweat !! The most suitable food to stop sweating is Kakigori, which is the cup shaved ice with flavored source on the top of it!! There are so many different kinds of flavors I like such as Macha and Blue Hawaii !! We actually used to serve this kakigori a couple years ago of summer at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya !

Experience traditional Matsuri, firework show and have Ice Kakigori if you haven’t try those yet !!


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