Nationality ranking in June at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

This is Kazuki from Sakura Hotel/Cafe Hatagaya.

How are you doing?
It is the last day of June and it’s July,already!
Summer is coming soon!
What is your plan for this summer?
As you may know,We Sakura Hotel Hatagaya
have many guests from all around the world
and we got guests from approx. 50 countries in June!
Today,I would like to show you the nationality ranking,Top3
in June 2016!

3rd China


We don’t usually have much guests from China ,but
I met many Chinese guests in June!

2nd Republic of Korea

s1 (1)
In June, I met many young Korean guests!
It takes only 2 hrs to come to Tokyo from Seoul.
Can’t wait to visit there in September!

1st The United States


Besides the guests from mainland of the United States of America,
We had some guests from Hawaii in this month.
Personally, I was happy to meet a repeat family!!
Hope to see you next time!


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