Japanese traditonal finger food, OINARI-SAN

Hi everyone!!

Do you know OINARI-SAN?

Japanese people basically put “SAN” at the end of a name
when we want to call the person with respect,
or make it sound polite.
Those who are learning Japanese might know that.


actually, OINRARI-SAN is not human.



OINARI-SAN is the one of my favorite food which is Japanese traditional light meal.
The point I like OINARI-SAN is just cute. Looks cute, and sounds also cute.
Even though it is food, we put “SAN” at the end of the name when we call it. We never say “OINARI”.
And its appearance is also cute, don’t you think?

OINARISAN is made of deep fried TOFU and rice.
I’m afraid that I can’t properly discribe or express how delicious OINARISAN is.
The only way you know about its taste is just to eat it! Then you will be impressed.

it is slightly blurred.
Because I was overexcited to take photos of OINARI-SAN.

I want to write about OInARI-SAN more in detail, so
I will post a blog about OINARI-SAN again.

Thanks for reading.


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