NIkko Toshogu Shrine

Hello all! This is Risa!

I will post about one of the Would Heritage , Nikko Tosyogu Shrine .


NIkko Toshogu Shrine is located in Nikko city, Tochigi prefecture.

It takes 2 hours by train from Asakusa station.



Arrived Tobu Nikko station.




You can go to the entrance of Nikko Toshogu Shrine by bus.

It takes about 10 min from the station.



On your immidiate left, you will see Shinkyuusya (Sacred Stable) and Sanzaru ( Three Wise Monkeys)

This pic is  particularly famous carvings of  “SEE NO EVIL , SPEAK NO EVIL , HEAR NO EVIL“




There is Karamon gate which is caved intricate and painted with a white powder chalk.

It’s a one of national treasure!




You can see the other famous caving “Nemurineko (Sleeping Cat)”

This cat means peace.

My favorite place !!


If  you have a time, you should visit here!


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