12000 Classical Music records?!

Hello. I ‘m Mari.


Christmas was over!

Now we are waiting for the New year.


When I hear “New Year”, always reminds me “Symphony No.9 in D minor Op.125 ‘Choral’.


I have a friend whose father owned a cafe especially for listening to classical music.

I heard he has 12000 records in this cafe!



This is amazing!!!!


Now, he has “Symphony No.9 Festival” to celebrate the new year with his collection.

If I order  “Symphony No.9 in D minor Op.125 ‘Choral’ to him,

I have to choose 1 record from 69 different versions!!!!

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I am a member of an Orchestra and we are practicing for our next concert now.

We sometimes play pieces not so popular but I will find these pieces’ records there for examples.

I guess he has almost all records released!!!!!


If you have an interest in classical music,

you must visit there!

Feel free to talk to me!





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