Handmade Pudding- Pancake – Galette of caramel and chocolate .. 24 available in Sakura Cafe Hatagaya

Hello everyone

Here’s Mohamed the staff at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

Did you guys all like eating desserts
We have here at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya a lot of types in our dessert menu
In the beginning i’d like to introduce our most popular item

Hand made Pudding
Tohoku Bokujo’s Shindofuji Eggs
Red / Blue Egg Pudding


Caramel Mango Pancake

It’s made of Pancake, Mango, Caramel,Vanilla Ice, Nuts .. so much delicious.


Galette of caramel and chocolate 


Hope you come & try it at Sakura Cafe Hatagaya.

I’ll be waiting for you all.


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