Victoria Bitter

One of the Japanese workers in Sakura hotel Ikebukuro says,
she can now read Korean.  It seems there are Korean girls
working there, and she has been taught by them.
There are Korean staff members in Sakura hotel Ikebukuro,
Jimbocho, and Sakura hostel Asakusa,
however, no Korean employees in our place,
and that means I gotta learn it by myself.
(Man, I think that is not fair though.)

Today, I took a photo of the guests from Thailand.
The Gentleman was drinking beer.
What kind of beer was he drinking?
It`s Victoria Bitter from Australia.
This beer is not that bitter as its name shows,
and it`s rather refreshing and has a clear taste.
Our cafe opens 24 hours, and you can order bottles of beer
anytime you want to.  Please stop by!


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