It`s rather strange and something different from what you think. 

Ever heard of an expression called vanilla?
Surprisingly, it indicates something boring, and plain.
When people say this is vanilla,
that means it is too simple and not fun.
This expression originally comes from the flavor of ice cream.
Vanilla is popular, but something plain and unexciting.
Is Japan Vanilla?  Oh, no, no.
Well, let`s say, it`s cray cray and slay.  Let me talk about
some of our culture.
↑sake-steamed clams
↑goosefish liver

Maid café: It`s a café where the waitresses dress up as maids
to serve the customers.  The waitresses welcome you
with a polite bow and a “welcome back sir.”
They can magic your dish before you eat,
saying such as “you`ll be scrumptious, moe moe kyun kyun!”
(For moe moe what chama call it, please google.
It is too complicated to explain.)
↑Figure of “moe”. (our Mexican guests)

Kanpai: Many Japanese drinking sessions will start
with a toast and it is polite not to start gulping until
the customary loud chorus of Kanpai.
If there is no leader in your group, then
you can say it all together.  However, if there is,
then let him / her say it at first.  You might think
this is strange, but this just is the Japanese way.
(Personally, I don`t care who says “Kanpai”,
though I want it to be quick.  No jargon, no preaching please. )
Left: lady from Venezuela Right: gentleman from France

Would you like to experience our culture?
Well, if yes, then please book our hotel.
We are looking forward to seeing you.
By satoyu


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