Do you know 5₋finger socks?!

Hi, this is Mari .


I would like to show you today very nice socks here in Japan.


They are “5-finger socks!!!!!”



You think this is strange?!

Absolutely not!!!


Try them, you love them!


The good points:Finger parts help to take excess moisture from fingers! so your feet won’t smell nasty!!!

They make your feet keep warm so your feet won’t be cold in winter!!!!!


In our event to go to Edo-Tokyo open air architectural museum,

I was so moved when I found an american guest loved to wear these socks!!!!!

He has already knew these good points and also how to take off them properly.


If you don’t know how to take them off,  it may bother you to turn them out or your mom will get angry.

Try to hold big toe part and little toe part and pull together gently.

It is very easy but very important!!!


In UNIQLO and other discount shops (sometimes 100 yen shop too) you can find these lovely socks!!!


I believe they are very good souvenir to your family and friends.

I am sure they can’t live without them and come to Japan to buy them in near the future!











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