Let’s do language exchange!


I am Mari.

The end of March, we are finally going to hold a cultural event
“Let’s do language exchange!!!(TA.CHI.TSU.TE.Talking)” at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya café area.

Have you ever done language exchange? Even if so, ours is special!

During the 1st 40-minute-period, you can talk with group members in English or your language!

If you have questions to Japanese people, t

his is the most wonderful opportunity to ask them and make new Japanese friends!

If you like, we can give you a topic for this period.

The 2nd period, this is your turn!
You can use only Japanese in this period! If you never try that, it is totally fine!

Your Japanese friends can help you.

We are beginner friendly!


Let’s start Greeting and Self Introduction in Japanese!

If you have some experience of studying Japanese, go for it!

Some say Japanese is very shy and if you ask something in English on the roadside,

they run away from you just after saying

“I don’t speak English……”

Japanese in this event is not that type.

You will be able to find new friends and I am sure  this unforgettable experience will make your travel and stays much more wonderful.

Here are some details

Date: Mar.31st(Fri)19:00~21:00
Place: Sakura Hotel  Hatagaya Cafe area
Fee: 600 Yen(incl. Tea and Coffee; you can purchase other food at our cafe.

If you have an interest, please send an email to us!
[email protected]

I am really happy to hold this event!

Let’s enjoy toghther!







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