Language Learning



This is Mari.

Sometimes don’t you think if we speak same language all over the world?

I do when I can’t understand what guests are talking to me even though I want to help them and I tried.

We also have to make a lot of effort to learn and memorizing other languages!

When I was in high school, I thought I could memorize new words much more easily but now……….




I also like to find  unique words for expressing my feeling exactly in each language.

Sometimes English has the exact words but Japanese doesn’t have it even though I am Japanese.

I love to read the book written in native languages not the translated editions.


It is wonderful we have differences!


If you agree with me, please join us for the Language exchange event at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya

on Mar. 31st 19:00!

Let’s study languages!

To learn other languages is to understand other culture!

I believe that.








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