I finally arrived in Hatagaya!

Hello Everyone!

My name is Sebastian, I am from Germany and this year I came to Japan looking for work.


I started as a trainee at the Sakura Group two months ago.
Hatagaya is the third Hotel that I am visiting during my training and I have been looking forward to it. I came here once before and really liked the ambiente.
Of course working here during this time of the year is a bonus since the weather will be really nice. I hope a lot of customers will choose to sit at our terrace. I like going out there.

If you wonder why I have come to work here, its as simple as that I really like the country with its beautiful landscape and its completely different culture. Since I wanted
to come to Japan since I was a teenager, I studied the language and culture during my University years in Hamburg.


If you have any questions about Germany or want to to know something about Japanese culture feel free to ask me. I will try to help you as good as I can :)


See you around!


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