What is your favorite snack?




There is a snack’s treasure box in Sakura Hotel Hatagaya!


Tadaaaaaa 😀

sunnamed (3)



We have just got new snacks recently!



↑ Sour Cream & Onion is my most favorite flavor ☺☺





And this is “Wasabi” flavored SNYDER’S which definitely goes well with beer! 🍺



You can get them from 160 yen! (^_-)-☆



By the way, what is your favorite snack?


I recommend you try じゃがりこ(Jagariko) when you come to Japan.

This is really famous and popular snack in Japan and I’ve never heard someone who hates this amazing snack. lol

There are so many kinds of flavor and seasonal’s too.


Once when I brought this snack to my friends in Australia, they really liked it!

So would you like to get it as a souvenir?








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