Hello it’s Rino again ☺



It’s raining in Tokyo today :(

Let’s drink and turn up when you feeling down!




sunnamed (2)


sunnamed (1)


We have got interesting flavored beer !!!!!




By the way, what is your plan for tonight? 😀


If you are in Tokyo and looking for some place to drink, we know one cool bar!


The bar is called  “300 bar ” which is located in 3 different places in Ginza.

You can get each drink and food for only 300 yen (+ Tax) !!!!!!!!!!


They have over 150 kinds of cocktails, bottle of beer etc…



Especially their MOJITO is different to other’s !



I’ve actually been there before and have written about it, so please read it if you are curious!

You can not often find this good atmosphere’s bar with this lovely price in Tokyo!









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